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Land Monitor Project Map Service
The Land Monitor Project Map Service provides access to Landsat satellite image mosaics, salinity maps, vegetation maps, digital elevation models and other map datasets. The project covers the south-west of Western Australia's agricultural area. For more information please visit the Land Monitor projects web site.

New Land Monitor Map Service - Beta site
A new version of the Land Monitor web mapping site has been developed to replace the Public, Subscriber, and Project Partner versions currently in use.

If you have already registered an account with a mapping site at Satellite Remote Sensing Services, you can log in straight away. If not, you can self-register to gain immediate access, or use the Guest Access option.

Click here to visit the new site, log in, or register an account.

Please contact for any enquiries concerning the new site, or phone Adrian Allen on (08) 9387 0341.

The older Land Monitor web mapping sites can be accessed here:
Land Monitor Map Service - Public Access
Land Monitor Map Service - Project Subscriber Access
Land Monitor Map Service - Project Partner Access

For Land Monitor enquiries, contact the Land Monitor Technical Officer by email or telephone (08) 9387 0340.

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